Meet Chloe

Chloe the Chocolate Lab Mix
This is my adorable chocolate lab mix, Chloe

Back in 2015, Hubby & I decided we needed to adopt a dog. Actually, I saw a picture on Facebook of a dog up for adoption and told my husband we were adopting her. No questions would be asked.

Before our sweet little angel ended up on Facebook, she was born in St. Louis (we believe) and was left stranded in a backyard when she was just a few months old. Luckily, a great rescue organization in Omaha, NE called Hands, Hearts & Paws, came in and saved her. That’s when Hubby and I adopted our sweet baby girl, and named her Chloe.

Chloe is a chocolate lab mix, and the gentlest, snuggliest dog you’ll ever meet. She loves to swim in the lake, play with her dog friends and family and go for walks.

Since we left our home in Nebraska, we have been staying in a temporary apartment in Kansas City, and Chloe is not loving being away from home. I can tell she misses her space in the house, the large fenced yard and her dog friends two houses down from us. Plus, in this apartment we have an elevator, and she is terrified of it. So, if you have an advice for a dog transitioning from a house to an apartment, please let me know! In two months we’ll be in our new home in KC, so at least her time here is short!

If you are starting to fall in love with Chloe, you can follow her on Instagram, @chloethechocolate



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