House Hunting Made Easy

House Hunting Made Easy
We found the house!

When my husband and I were searching for our new home, I knew it would be difficult to track all of the different houses we saw. I’m a fairly organized person, and there really isn’t a list I don’t like to make, so I created a super easy house hunting worksheet for my husband and I to use. We filled out the sheet with things that were important to us, so we knew what to take note of.

We were really wanting an island in the kitchen, a walkout basement and a five-piece bathroom, so I made sure to add those to my list. Using this system made house hunting so much easier. At the end of the day, I could just glance at my worksheets and remember the house we had toured. I would make notes of lots of things, both good and bad, and we would even nickname the houses so we could quickly recall the home.

I’ve made a generic house hunting worksheet for you to download if you are searching for your new home! This sheet has space to make notes on all the major areas of the home, and even a great space to jot down measurements that you want to remember. We made to sure to measure if our sectional couch and refrigerator would fit in each of the homes we toured, so find out what you’ll be moving that needs to be measured! 

Download my easy-to-use house hunting worksheet here! Curious how our new construction home is coming along? Check out my blog about when I met with the designer here!



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