Cross Stitch Challenge Accepted

Around this time last year, I was really wanting to start a new hobby, but I wasn’t sure what I was interested in doing. After reading this Buzzfeed article on hobbies, I decided to try my hand at cross stitching.

I went to Michael’s and picked up a little kit and made this wonky, but cute little dog. Fun, right?

My first cross stitch!
My first cross stitch!

I started getting more confident and really was getting into it, so I decided to splurge on a large project that would (I thought) take me all summer. Well, I finished most of the project in December of last year, which was a little bit longer than summer. The only thing I had left to do was French knots. For those non-stitchers out there, French knots are a pain to learn. I watched countless videos, read tutorials and practiced on scrap pieces of cloth, but I could not do these freaking knots.

Finally last week, I decided to sit down and I was going to learn these knots damnit so I could finish this project. And guess what? I did it! This project that I started in May 2017 was finally finished. Now all I have left to do is wash and iron it and get it framed. I have this huge feeling of accomplishment and pride. It’s not perfect, and a lot of the knots are wonky at best, but it’s homemade and it’s mine. You can see my progress on my massive project below. 



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What are your hobbies? Have you ever felt super proud of something you made? I’d love to hear your stories!



7 thoughts on “Cross Stitch Challenge Accepted

  1. Love the flower jars!

    You do pretty much just have to keep trying French knots until you do one right; they’re quite easy after that, but I don’t think I’ve ever come across anyone who learned them easily. It’s in their nature to look a bit wonky; apparently if you need them to be very uniform, like for a long row of them, you’re supposed to use colonial knots instead. I’ve never needed them, but they don’t look much different in concept from French knots.

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  2. I jumped right into cross stitching with a massive undertaking of a Harry Potter design that features all the main characters, house animals, and spells! Suffice to say, I’m still working on it a year and a half later haha. Hoping to pick it up again before long…

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