Exploring My New City

A gorgeous cocktail from a new favorite bar
A gorgeous cocktail from a new favorite bar

One of the best things about moving to a new city is spending time with my husband while we explore. We had so many favorites back home – our favorite date night place, our favorite dive bar, our favorite walking trails – and here we get to experience all new places!

Recently we found a bar right across the street from our temporary apartment, Rye. This place has incredible craft cocktails and has such a cool, relaxed vibe. We’ve been a couple of times now, and each time we’ve tried new cocktails and different food off the menu.

If you’re in the KC area, you have to go check them out! I told them I wanted a lavender gin and tonic, and the bartender whipped up this gorgeous cocktail. It’s literally lavender and even has flowers in it. This gin and tonic is literally the most beautiful drink I’ve ever had, and of course, it tasted amazing.

Even though we’ve found a great new bar, we’re still hunting to find other favorites to round out our list. Do you live in the Kansas City area? Where do you like to go and what do you like to do? I’d love to hear your suggestions below!



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