Ode to the Bullet Journal

Bullet journaling is a great way to stay organized!
Bullet journaling is a great way to stay organized!

Last November, I officially started to bullet journal. It was something I had wanted to do for a really long time. It seemed soothing to sit down each week, create a beautiful layout and organize everything from my shopping list to my calendar. I would look at tons of examples on Pinterest and Instagram that showcased beautiful calligraphy and gorgeous drawings.

Well, as it turns out, I have terrible handwriting and I can’t draw a straight line. So, after a few weeks into my bullet journal, I wasn’t enjoying it as much as I thought. ‘It’s just not pretty,’ I thought. ‘There are mistakes everywhere covered up with whiteout.’ Finally I realized, hey, this journal is for me. I don’t need to post it online. I quickly learned the beauty of stickers from Michael’s to jazz up my pages without drawing, and using fun print fonts instead of calligraphy.

How do I use my bullet journal? At the start of each month, I create a monthly calendar spread, a daily habit tracker and each week I make a weekly spread. I put in appointments, to-do lists and even what needs to be done around the house.

I also make a weekly menu and a corresponding store list on the other page. This has helped me so much. When I’m shopping at the store, I can look at my list and my menu and realize if I forgot to put something on the list, or I can change my mind if something else looks better at the store. This method has helped cut down on things I’ve forgotten at the store, and it also helps to stop putting things I don’t need in the cart.

This journal has helped keep me organized so much. I’ve always been the person who has a million lists all throughout the house. Now, I can keep everything in one place and it takes off so much stress knowing I can find what I need and I can keep track of things I need to do.

Do you guys bullet journal? How do you use yours?



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