Monday Mornings Make Me Cranky

Chloe and I like to sleep in
Chloe and I like to sleep in

Guys, I am not a morning person. Seriously. But the worst morning are Monday mornings. See, the problem is I don’t stick to the same sleep schedule on the weekends. So, I’m staying up much later and sleeping in a lot. But when Monday rolls around and I hear that alarm clock at 6:30, I am a serious crank.

It’s not intentional. I just would rather stay in bed until 8:30 and leisurely drink a good cup of coffee while reading. There are things that make any morning better for me. Eating a hot breakfast, drinking coffee, taking a hot shower. You know the drill. Actually, I don’t really feel 100% awake until I’m dressed with my makeup on.

Luckily our dog Chloe has passed the phase where she needs to wake up at the crack of dawn (hello 5:00 AM) to go outside. Now she can sleep until we wake up – whether that is 6:30 or 8:30! How can dogs wake up and be instantly perky? I don’t get it. They don’t need coffee or an energy drink. All they need is some water and a bowl of food and they are good to go for the rest of the day. Of course, Chloe’s day usually consists of naps on naps on naps.

No matter how your week starts out, Monday is here! I hope you all have a great week! Stop back tomorrow for my post on what I’ll be buying at Sephora this week.

xoxo, Meg

5 thoughts on “Monday Mornings Make Me Cranky

  1. Aww. I can relate to your post on so many levels..I do exactly the same on weekends..sleeping late and messing up the schedules..well that;’s what the weekend s are meant for. and yes dogs are most perky creatures I have seen one moment they will be drowsy and yawning and at the very next they will bouncing all on you.

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