Finally! Chloe Has a Backyard (For Now)

Chloe's Temp Backyard
Chloe’s Temp Backyard

Now that we are out of the temporary, corporate apartment, we have moved into an airbnb until our house is finished. Hubby and I looked for a place to stay that would be more comfortable for Chloe, since she was not a fan of living the apartment life. She likes to have a yard and be able to roam around on her own without being on a leash.

So, we found this adorable little house that has a yard for Chloe. She is SO excited! She loves being outside for hours sniffing all the new smells, exploring the area, and chasing and barking at birds. Plus, it’s been so nice in Kansas City, that she can lay on the deck in the sun for a perfect afternoon nap.

Chloe Enjoying the Weather
Chloe Enjoying the Weather

This backyard is a bit smaller than the one she is used to, but that doesn’t seem to bother her at all. I think she’s just relieved that she can finally poop without being on a leash and having to stick around while I pick it up.

Chloe Sleeps While Mom Reads
Chloe Sleeps While Mom Reads

She even seems content just to lay at my feet while I read outside. It makes me so happy to see my girl having an easier time. I know it will be rough for her to make yet another move, but once we move into our house when it’s finished, we won’t be moving for a very long time. All three of us are sick of moving!

xo, Meg

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