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I Just Read the Harry Potter Series for the First Time

Warning: This post contains spoilers of the Harry Potter series.

Reading HP as an adult was so much fun!
Reading HP as an adult was so much fun!

I know what you’re thinking, how can a millennial adult have never read Harry Potter before? Well, as a child, I read the first four books as they came out in order, but honestly, the books got way to big for me to lug around in hardback, and honestly, I just kind of forgot about them and never got around to reading the last three. Multiple times I have picked up Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone with the intent of reading the whole series, but I never accomplished that goal.

Last year, my husband gave me the box set of all seven books for Christmas, and I made it a goal to finish them. We had fun with it though, every time I would finish a book, we would watch the movie right after.

Last week I finished that last book and movie and they were so freaking good!

Part of me can’t believe that I waited this long to finish the series. Through the years, I had heard spoilers, so I knew that Dumbledore dies, but I had no clue that it was at Snape’s hand! Honestly, Dobby’s death was the one that ripped me apart. Cut to me bawling on the couch while my heart breaks into multiple pieces.

It’s funny how more things I pick up on now. Just the day after I finished the book, my husband and I went out for lunch and our waiter had the symbol for the Deathly Hallows on a necklace. I mentioned it to him and he asked which would I choose (I’m totally all for the Invisibility Cloak, while my husband would choose the Elder Wand) and it was so fun to have a conversation about this huge cultural phenomenon without having to worry about spoilers. Want to discuss which house I’m sorted in (Ravenclaw) or know what my Patronus is (Little Owl), I can totally understand it all! I feel like after I finished I should have been inducted into this club of those who know all about HP.

Now that I’ve finished Harry Potter, which should I read next?

xoxo, Meg

4 thoughts on “I Just Read the Harry Potter Series for the First Time

      1. If you liked the hunger games then maze runner will be a hit. I read the series before they ever announced a movie. The books are much better (although the first maze runner movie was pretty good).

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