Moving Day is Here!

Today we move into our dream home!
Today we move into our dream home!

Today is the day! We have signed the papers and this gorgeous home is officially ours! It seems like we have been waiting to move into our home forever, but in reality it’s just been a little over two months. There has been so much that we have had to do with buying a new construction home. There have been super fun things like designing literally everything in the house all on my own, and not so fun things like the final walkthrough. Let me tell you about that.

Monday we had do to a final walkthrough with a representative for the builder to point out things that need to be fixed or touched up before we closed. These were things like scratches in the paint, missing grout in the shower and crooked shelves. It sounds like an easy process, except the builder’s representative is trying to make the list as small as possible while I’m trying to make my home as perfect as possible. So we would point something out, and her response would be, “We can’t do anything about that.” Well, can we just ask? “No, I can’t even ask the builder that.” So, then we would look over to our Realtor who would mouth “I’ve got this,” and she’d take a picture to send to the listing agent. It wasn’t the most stressful experience, but it’s definitely awkward having someone tell you that the scratch on the counter in the guest bath is no big deal.

Since we’ve been in KC already for two months, we’ve been living in temporary housing. Our first month was in a corporate apartment, which was nice, but as you can guess, our large chocolate lab wasn’t thrilled without having a yard. Since then we have been in a cozy airbnb house which was full of charm and character. It had a great yard that Chloe and I loved to spend time in. Plus, it was close to downtown which was great for going out.

But, all that is now behind us as we move into our dream home! The movers are coming today to unload all the boxes and I’m so excited to have my stuff back. It sounds materialistic, doesn’t it? Whatever, I want my makeup and my clothes and my bed. I’m sure Chloe is excited to have all of her toys and her bed back, and I know Hubby can’t wait to brew beer and smoke cigars on the back patio.

Wish us luck as we start unpacking and nesting in our new home! Head over to my Instagram to check out my stories to see what’s happening in the house!

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