May Day Memories


What ever happened to May Day? When I was a child, the whole neighborhood joined in on the fun, dropping little baskets filled with treats off at our neighbors’ houses. My mom, who was super crafty and was always looking for ways to keep my brother and me busy, would research homemade baskets for us to make. So, we would grab our paper plates, construction paper and pipe cleaners and get to work.

After we finished creating our baskets, we’d fill them with delicious candies (traditionally it was flowers) and drop them off around the neighborhood. But, you couldn’t just drop them off. No, there was an art to delivering a May Day basket. You had to set the basket down on the front porch, ring the doorbell and run away as fast as you can. If you were caught by the someone opening the door, then they got to kiss you. And to a five-year old, that is pretty gross. Now is a good time to apologize to Spencer, who I caught and tried to kiss in the second grade. Sorry!

Since I’ve grown up, I’ve noticed that kids don’t make May Day baskets anymore. It’s the weirdest thing. I used to love dropping off my baskets and making my friends and neighbors smile, but this tradition has just disappeared. Now that Hubby and I are getting settled in our new home, I can picture our future kids making their own baskets and delivering them to our neighbors, running away from the door with delight on their faces.

Do you have any memories of May Day? Do you participate anymore? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

xoxo, Meg

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