5 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Mom

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Mother’s Day is just around the corner! Do you know what you are giving your mother, or what you will be asking for this year? Below are all gifts that I know my mom would love, and I hope your mom does, too! Like what you see? Add it to your own Mother’s Day list for your husband and kids to choose from!

Book of the Month Club – I love the Book of the Month Club. It’s the oldest book club in the US still around today, which in itself is pretty cool. This club (which comes at a great price of $15 a month!) sends out one book a month that you get to choose. I emphasize this because, I’m not a fan of those clubs that send you books that you don’t get to choose. What if you’re not interested in that book? This club also allows you to choose multiple books a month if you’re seeing lots you want (up to three), or if nothing strikes your fancy that month, you can skip! This is a great gift at a great price. If your mom likes reading really good books, this is something you should look into!

Local Coffee – My mom makes a pot of coffee every single morning, but she usually doesn’t treat herself to something other than Folgers. During holidays, I like to spoil her with a really good bag of coffee that she can’t find at the grocery store. In Nebraska, that was always Scooter’s Coffee, but in Missouri I’m partial to The Roasterie.

Unique Ingredients – Whether your mom is a master chef, or just dabbles in the kitchen a few times a week, you can literally spice up her life with some unique cooking ingredients. I love to stop by Sur la Table and browse what they have. I personally love their brand of olive oil. It is worlds better than what you get at the store. They also have great seasonings, sauces and oils. They sell a teriyaki sauce in a jar which is delicious on grilled shrimp skewers, and a garlic-infused oil that I love to use with sautéed vegetables.

At-Home Spa Kit – Let mom pamper herself at home with a spa kit that you make yourself! Get a beautiful basket, and add things like a luxurious face mask, a sugar scrub and a bath bomb. You could also include things like a small bottle of bubbly, a magazine and a candle. This is great because she can use it whenever she wants in her own home. I often get my mom gift cards to places I love, but then she never gets out and uses them! This way, moms don’t have to make appointments and plan things around their schedule.

A Framed Picture – Not a fan of any of those ideas? No mom can resist a beautifully framed photo of the family. Grab an old photo from a wedding, shower or party, or get outside and have a neighbor take a new one. Put it in a pretty frame that your mom would love to display around the house or at her desk at work. It’s easy, thoughtful and budget-friendly. Win, win, win!

xo, Meg

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