My Yard is Still Not Done – AKA My Slight Irritation is Growing


So, we’ve been in the house about three weeks now and things have been pretty great. We are absolutely LOVING the house, but one thing we aren’t particularly loving is the state of our yard right now. You see, back in March, (yes, March) we hired someone to install a sprinkler system and a fence for our yard right after we moved in. We were so excited because a) we love having a nice backyard and b) we want Chloe to be able to run around all she wants.

We’ve been basically sitting at the same state of completion for about three weeks now. I seriously thought this entire project would be done in seven days, but honestly, there are days when we don’t see anyone work on our yard at all. Hubby and I feel like terrible fur parents because we can tell Chloe is anxious and full of energy. We’ve been taking her on really long walks, which help, but she wants to be let off the leash.

What makes my slight irritation even worse, is that our neighbors moved in after us, and they already have a beautiful yard complete with a fence. They also have a dog, and Chloe glares at this poor boxer with jealousy as the dog runs around free in her own backyard.

As I’m writing this, there are about six men working on my house, which is a promising sign. I haven’t seen this much activity on the house since before it was completed! So hopefully the yard will be done soon and then we can let Chloe run out all of her energy with zoomies.

When I was making my content calendar for May, I scheduled a blog post about how Chloe was adjusting to the new house and how she was loving her new backyard. Well, that post keeps getting pushed back each week (stay tuned though, I’ll write it when we have a yard! ๐Ÿ™‚ )

xo, Meg

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