9 Soothing Ways I Relax


I don’t know about you, but I get stressed out. A lot. Sometimes it’s over small things like dinner won’t be ready in time, or other times it’s something heavier weighing me down. Luckily I’ve learned how to somewhat deal with my stress over the years, and I have a few tricks up my sleeve that can help to relax me.

1. Take a bath

I love taking a bath whether I need to relax and destress, or if I just want some time to myself. I love using the Dr. Teal’s Lavender Epson Salt to make my baths even more soothing. It smells amazing, and epson salt has great benefits like relieving sore muscles, keeping skin hydrated and can promote better sleep. I’m a lover of bath bombs as well, but now that I have a jetted tub, I’m nervous to use them. To make my bath even more relaxing, I’ll turn on some music, grab a glass of wine and a good book or magazine to read.

2. Drink hot tea

Hot tea is one of my favorite drinks, although I don’t drink it nearly as much as I should. Depending on what I need the tea to do, I’ll make different choices of what to steep. If my mind is going a million miles a minute, and I’m worried I won’t sleep, I’ll make some Sleepytime tea. For those days that I’m really stressed out, I love making lavender chamomile tea to calm me down. If I’m just in need of a little TLC and want to relax, I’ll grab anything that sounds good.

3. Listen to music

I’ll admit that I watch way too much TV, and it can be hard to turn off the boob tube when you’re stressed out. You’re thinking, ‘I’m stressed, I just want to veg out and binge watch Pretty Little Liars.’ But sometimes it’s great to turn it off and listen to something soothing instead. I like to listen to music when I’m cooking, cleaning or sometimes even reading. People can always tell when I’m stressed out, because they’ll find jazz playing in my car (shoutout to Real Jazz on Sirius XM!). When you’re feeling stressed, it doesn’t always have to be something like jazz, find something that makes you feel better, no matter what it is!

4.  Work on your hobby

Sometimes you just need to step back from your everyday life and lose yourself in your favorite hobby. I love cross stitch, bullet journal or cook. For the most part, these are things that relax me and put me in a better mood. Of course, there are times when I’ve ripped out 100 stitches or I’m just too exhausted to even microwave a frozen meal, so those are time when I’ll choose another way to relax. But, sometimes you just need to focus on something else that makes you happy for a while.

5. Light a candle

All hail the candles! I’m freaking obsessed with candles in my home. I love to light a candle when I’m at home to create a cozy, homey ambiance. When I’m taking a relaxing bath, lighting lavender-scented candles help to create a more relaxing time. On their own I wouldn’t say candles are a great way to relax, but add them to literally anything else you’re doing to help maximize relaxation.

6. Clean something

This might sound a little unorthodox, but hear me out. A lot of times when I’m feeling stressed out to the point that nothing sounds enjoyable, it’s because my space is a mess. Whether it’s an office, my kitchen or my living room, sometimes it just needs a good 15 minute clean to make me feel better. When I am in a clean environment, often my head feels clearer as well.

7. Put on a face mask

I love a good face mask! Using them is like a little mini-facial that you can do at home, without the $80 price tag. I’m starting to really focus on skincare, so this relaxation technique is not only great to help you destress, but it can help promote better skin as well. Depending on my skin care needs, I’ll use an acne fighting mask, a blackhead removal mask or something soothing and calming like a lavender mask to just help me relax.

8. Meditate

I started meditating last year before bed to help me focus and relax. I initially started it because my doctor made me wear an eye mask for 10 minutes before bed to help with my dry eyes, and I couldn’t see anything. So, I couldn’t read, watch TV or do anything productive, so I downloaded the Calm app on my phone so I could meditate before bed. It is such a great calming technique. I love listening to the guided sessions to help focus on my breath and just think about nothing outside of breathing. I’ve heard that most people meditate in the morning, so find a time that works best for you.

9. Read something fun

When you’re really stressed out, you don’t want to be reading something super heavy like a self-help book or thriller crime novel (unless that relaxes you, then you do you!), so pick something a little lighter to help you destress. This could be a magazine, a novel that you’ve read over and over again, or articles that you find online. Just 15 minutes of reading can help calm you down, and it’s a great way to get ready for bed!

Do you often get stressed out? What do you do to relax? If you have any more ideas to add, please comment with them below!

xo, Meg

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