Loving Lately

Crispin Rosé is my new favorite drink for summer
Crispin Rosé is my new favorite drink for summer!

Hey readers! The past couple of weeks we’ve just been settling into the house, and it’s starting to finally feel like home! We still don’t have a sprinkler, fence or sod, but we did get gutters installed this week. So, progress? Chloe has so much energy and just wants to go run around, but luckily she got to play with her cousin, Casey, last night and get some energy out.

I’ve been getting these really terrible headaches in the afternoon, almost like clockwork. Do you guys have bad headaches? Any tips for helping to relieve them? I drink caffeine, take ibuprofen and try to close my eyes for a minute, but nothing is helping, and they last for hours. Let me know if you have any remedies! 🙂 Okay, let’s get into what I’ve been loving lately!

So, I’m not much of a hard cider drinker. I like them, but they’re usually too sweet, so I’ll only have about one at a time. But, I’ve been loving the new Crispin Rosé. It is seriously one of the best drinks I’ve had. I love how refreshing it is without being overly sweet. It’s definitely my go-to drink right now. I wanted to try it back home, but I couldn’t find it in Nebraska, so when I found it in Missouri, I had to pick it up!

In my Sephora haul, I got this OleHenriksen Pore-Balance™ Facial Sauna Scrub and I have been loving it. I keep it in my shower, and use it about 2-3 times a week. It is like nothing I’ve ever had before. When you rub it in your skin, it gets activated and heats up. Then when you wash it off, your face feels super tingly and fresh. It’s awesome.

Lately I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube videos. Our friend has YouTube Red (no commercials!) and added us to his family plan, so that’s got me watching more. I’ve been obsessed with Brianna Fox’s makeup videos and AmandaRachLee’s bullet journal videos. I’m still looking for some sort of cooking videos other than Tasty that I can get hooked on.  Lemme know if you have any recommendations! 

I think that’s about it. Hubby & I are headed back to Nebraska this weekend to see the Shania Twain concert (we bought tickets ages ago) and I couldn’t be more excited. She has been someone that I’ve loved forever, and going to one of her shows is definitely on my bucket list. Have a great weekend, friends and I’ll be back Tuesday!

xo, Meg

4 thoughts on “Loving Lately

  1. Have fun at the concert! I have found that when I move to a new place my headaches are from allergies. But peppermint helps my headaches.

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  2. A Shania Twain concert sounds like a blast! Whenever I have a headache that bad I get a small hand towel and run it under some water, wring it out and stick it in the freezer for 5 min. I put it over my face and it just works wonders!

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