Everything’s a Project

Everything’s a Project

Our house in Omaha was old. Like, 60 years old. Something was always breaking, rotting or becoming outdated and after a while it just wan’t fun anymore. When Hubby and I started looking for our new house, we knew we were not about to live that life anymore. So, we settled on a new construction home. Everything’s new! You won’t have to work on anything!

Nope. Now, we’ve been in this house almost a month, and while nothing has broken or needed fixing, a new house is surprisingly a lot of work. This house didn’t come with towel racks or toilet paper holders. So, we have to go buy them and install them ourselves. We thought we would get all the bathrooms done in one night, and two hours later, we were still working in the master.

Our old house had tons of storage that someone, somewhere down the line had built. Our attic had rows of handmade wooden shelves that were perfect for my holiday decorations and seasonal items. This house doesn’t have an attic, and the basement is completely unfinished. Same for the garage. Whereas our old house already had peg boards and hooks for shovels and other tools already hung.

Now, don’t think I’m complaining. I would still choose a new home over an old one any day of the week and twice on Sunday. But, what we thought would be this easy, move-right-in home still has its projects that need working on. My dad has a saying, “Everything’s a project” and we know that to be so true.

Hubby and I bought these great heavy-duty shelves for our garage and basement for storage. They looked awesome. Well, the instructions were … less than instructional, so we basically had to go off the box on how they were supposed to be put together. We put those damn shelves together three times before we got it right. The second time, we finished, put all of our stuff on it, and realized it didn’t feel that sturdy. So, we had to take apart every single shelf and re-assemble it. Now they’re perfect. The good news is that the second set should be a breeze to install.

Another thing that’s annoying is that while the house is larger, the rooms are different shapes and sizes than our old house. We have this huge couch because that’s what my husband always wanted, and while it technically fits in the room, it just doesn’t work. We’ll keep it for now, but in a few years might want to swap it out for something smaller.

I won’t even get started on the backyard. If you’re curious. Read my rant here. Also, the window treatment company has canceled on us twice, so that’s super frustrating.

I know that once everything is unpacked, organized and put away, it’ll feel so good. But for right now, my house is in a little disarray. But, what are you going to do? Everything’s a project, am I right?

xoxo, Meg

4 thoughts on “Everything’s a Project

  1. We did the same thing, our house in Iowa was built in 1880. Our house in Memphis was built in 2007, so not new new but much newer. We still have tons and tons of projects. Also what is it with husbands wanting massive couches? Best of luck on getting it all unpacked!

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