5 Father’s Day Gift Ideas Dad Will Love

Father's Day Gifts Ideas
Father’s Day Gifts Ideas

Father’s Day is just around the corner! There are some people who know exactly what they will be getting their Dads, and some have no clue. If you are in the dark for what to buy Dad this year, check out my suggestions below! These are gifts I know my dad would love, and I hope your father or husband will love, too!

Home brew kit

Earlier this week I talked about how my husband and I love to brew beer, and how it’s basically a family tradition at this point. My dad, uncle and brother all brew their own beer and really enjoy the process and the delicious end result. These guys have great kits for beginners that will walk any novice through the process of brewing beer.

Car wash coupons

My dad loves having a clean car and he washes it frequently in the summer. Help dad out and give him a book of coupons from a local car wash. He can get a clean car quick and won’t have to spend time washing it himself. This is great for the dad on the go that doesn’t want to spend two hours washing a car.

Weather station

What is it about guys and loving the weather? Get your dad a weather station and he’ll be able to tell the rain amount, humidity and temperature right from his own yard! This is a great gift if your dad spends lots of time outdoors or gardening.

Grill spices, rubs and sauces

This gift is a little traditional, but it’s summer which means people are outside grilling and smoking! Get dad some delicious grill spices, rubs and sauces for his meat masterpieces. What’s great about this idea is you can put this gift together at any price point. Head over to Walmart for some BBQ sauce and beer can chicken rub for a gift that is lighter on the wallet. You can spoil Dad and check out smaller stores that sell local goods. Either way, this gift is great – and if you’re nice, he might smoke you some ribs!

Baseball game & tailgate

Is there anything more classic for Father’s Day than a baseball game? I grew up in Omaha, and every year the College World Series comes to town around Father’s Day. This was always a great way to spend time with my dad to help celebrate him when I was little. Even if you don’t live near a big team, you’re bound to have a smaller farm team somewhere near by. Buy tickets to a game, and plan a little tailgate with burgers and beers to have fun in the parking lot beforehand.

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