Packing for a Quick Weekend


Between going to the lake and visiting family and friends, I have a lot of quick weekend trips planned for this summer. I’m famous for usually forgetting something when I pack in a hurry, so lately I’ve made a packing checklist that makes things go much smoother.

1. Know What’s Planned

If you’re meeting friends or family for a trip, it’s best to know what’s planned ahead of time so you know what to pack. I used to overpack for anything that might happen, but now I ask to get an idea. Going to a baseball game will need different clothes and shoes than a nice dinner downtown. I’d rather know if something is planned, so I don’t look ridiculous.

2. Check the Weather

This one is important, and one I’m the worst at. We recently went to Dallas, and it was in the triple digits all three days. So, I packed shorts and sandals and tees and tanks. My main goal was to stay as cool as possible, and it worked relatively well. I did wear jeans on the flights since I tend to get cold, but I changed after and before boarding.

3. Make a List

This one is so important! For clothes, I run through how many days I’ll be there and what the itinerary is. Then, I run through my routines so I know what to pack. For example, right before bed I was take a sleeping pill, then apply chapstick and lotion. Mentally going through these routines will help you know what essentials to pack. If you travel often, keep a master list of essentials you need to pack for every trip and save it somewhere. I love saving things to my Trello boards, so I always know where to find them!

4. Lay out Outfits

I like to lay out what I’ll be wearing just to make sure they look good before they go in my bag. I hate it when I get to my destination and realize that my blouse doesn’t really look that great with my skirt, but I’m stuck. Even holding them up together in the closet will help.

5. Bring an Extra

You never know what will happen, so I like to bring one extra outfit for a just-in-case scenario. Maybe you’ll get spit up on by a baby, maybe you’ll get caught in the rain, maybe you’ll smear deodorant all over your shirt, or maybe you won’t even need it! But I like to be prepared.

6. Pack Makeup Night Before

I love to pack my makeup the night before, then the next morning, apply my makeup from my travel bag. This way I’ll know if I’ve forgotten something important. This has been a lifesaver so many times! It’s so easy to forget that blush brush or concealer.

7. Double Check List

Before dashing out the door, just go through your checklist one more time. Chances are you’ve done a great job and packed everything you need, but if not, you’ll be able to catch what you missed before you leave. It’s also nice to just have that peace of mind when you’re traveling to know that you’ve packed smartly and got everything you need.

I hope this list helps you pack for your next adventure! Happy traveling!

xo, Meg

9 thoughts on “Packing for a Quick Weekend

  1. That is so smart to pack your makeup the night before! I always pack mine day of because I want to use it to get ready but I always end up forgetting something. Definitely keeping this in mind the next time I travel!

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  2. Hi, I found you on swimmers, nice to meet you!

    Very good advice. Packing can be so difficult unless you have method among the madness! Every one of these is great advice.

    I like the way you have split it into subsections to make for easy following, and I love the personal touch in your writing. There is nothing nicer as a reader than feeling you are getting a glimpse of the writer through what they say. Lovely, thanks for sharing.

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      1. Yes, it was a great read, very useful indeed. It is great when people post things that really resonate with me!

        If you have a moment and haven’t already, I would be grateful if you checked out my site. Leave a like or comment if you wish, and if it strikes you, and you hit follow, you will make my day!


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