Chloe Finally Has a Yard!


For those of you who have been following along (or listening to me complain on Instagram) know that we have been waiting for a really long time to get our backyard finished in our new house. But no one was looking forward to this backyard more than our chocolate lab, Chloe. She had a fenced yard in our old house in Nebraska, and she was able to run around as much as she wanted. With our move to KC, we’ve been in temporary housing and then this house didn’t have a fence for two months, so she’s been without a yard for quite a few months.

But the time has come. Chloe finally has her own backyard! We were so excited to see the sod finally come in and the fence get finished after that. Not only does Chloe love it, but we love being able to just let her out as many times as she wants. (No more taking her on 6 walks a day!)

We finally got grass!
We finally got grass!

When I first let Chloe out off leash in the backyard, she was so happy. Like, she wouldn’t stop doing zoomies! I even shared this video of her first zoomies in her yard on Chloe’s own Instagram page (yes, I’m that extra).


I have been waiting to write this blog post for months, guys. We expected the fence to be done in like 2-3 days, but instead it took over a month. I had this post planned before we moved in, because I knew Chloe would be so happy to have her own fenced yard. She was so sad when our next-door neighbors moved in, and they already had a finished yard. Their dog would run in the backyard having the time of her life while Chloe glared at her from our deck.

I think this will be Chloe’s best summer yet. We’re so much closer to our family lake house, so we’ll be traveling there much more this summer. This girl loves sitting in the water (not swimming. sitting.) and laying out on the dock in the sun. At home, she now can play with the neighbor dog through the fence, which is so cute to see! As a dog mom, it makes me so happy to see my girl happy.

xoxo, Meg

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