What I Loved in June

IMG_1867Another month has come and gone, but honestly I am so excited for July. We’ll be spending an entire week at my family’s lake house to celebrate the fourth and I can’t wait to sleep in, relax and read. But enough about July, let’s get back to June. Hubby and I had a really busy month of travel. Honestly we feel like we don’t know any of our neighbors and are never around to work on the house. I’m looking at you, unpacked boxes in the basement. But here are some of the things that I loved this past month.

For my birthday, my mom got me an oil diffuser and I am loving it! I like to put a mixture of lavender and peppermint oil in the container and put it on before I go to bed. It smells so good, and a lot of the time it will last throughout the night. In the mornings, if I have some extra time to get ready, I’ll put orange oil in to energize me.

I’ve been using Amazon to buy pretty much anything for a really long time. My husband and I are Prime members, and that two day shipping is just so convenient. But, I always make sure when I’m shopping to go to smile.amazon.com instead of the regular site. This site will make donations off all of your purchases to a charity of your choice. You don’t get charged anything extra, they just donate a small percentage of your purchase price. We donate to Hands, Hearts, and Paws, a fantastic animal rescue back home in Omaha.

In the mornings, I usually make coffee at home, so I often don’t stop to get coffee somewhere. But in the summer, I love getting an iced coffee to drink somewhere. Back home my favorite was Scooter’s, but I’m still checking out places in the Kansas City area. Anyway, my absolute favorite summer coffee drink is iced coffee with half & half and a few pumps of coconut syrup. It’s so refreshing! I love the summery taste, and the cream really smooths out the coffee. If you like coconut, seriously go give it a try – you don’t be disappointed!

My husband and I just got back from a weekend trip to Steamboat Springs, Colorado. He went to school out there and has some family there still. His brother had a milestone birthday, so we went to go celebrate with him and catch up with family and friends. I’ve never been to Steamboat, or really even the mountains, and I was shocked by how beautiful it was! Although I don’t ski, I can definitely see the appeal of cozying up in a cute cabin and taking in the scenery.

Although the weekend was fun, getting home was a freaking nightmare. We drove 4 hours to Denver (through snow no less) and our plane was delayed two hours. Okay, not the worst thing, we would get home at 1 in the morning. Then it was delayed another two hours. Finally, around 8 they just canceled it. So, we stood in line for two hours, and the airline was offering us literally nothing, even though it was not weather related, and was 100% their fault.

So, we booked a flight on on another airline. By this time it was 11:00 at night, everything was closed, so no food or booze, and we ended up just staying up all night in the airport. We finally got home at 8 the next morning, and it’s four days later and I’m still tired. I’ve never had a flight canceled before, but I feel like this experience was less than great.

Currently Reading: 2nd Chance by James Patterson – These books are a part of a series called The Women’s Murder Club. I read them quite a few years ago, but wanted to read something familiar. I forgot how much I love them! They are so entertaining and keep you on the edge of your seat! They came out quite a few years ago, so your local library should have them in stock. Go check them out for a great summer read!

xoxo, Meg

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