Reading, Relaxing, & Resting: My Plans for the 4th of July


Every year my family gathers with some friends at Lake of the Ozarks to celebrate the 4th of July. Usually I like to take a few extra days off around this time, but last year, Chloe had emergency surgery on her leg, so we were unable to go. It was hard video chatting my mom and seeing everyone having a wonderful time while Hubby and I were stuck in Omaha. But this year I’m checking everything off my list.


I always have a book on my Currently Reading shelf, and I am planning to add a lot of books to my Read Shelf this weekend. I’m currently working on the Women’s Murder Club series from James Patterson, but I can easily set those down and pick up something else. I always overpack for my reading at the lake, so hopefully I can finish all the books I brought. Do you have any suggestions for what to read for my week away? I’ve already finished two books, so I’m well on my way!


What does relaxing look like while I’m at the lake? Let me paint you a visual. It’s early afternoon, and I’ve been laying out on the dock reading my book, or chatting up a storm. The weather is heating up, and I decide now is a great time to get in the water. So I grab a can of Busch Light and a couple of noodles and jump in. There I can stay for hours.

I also really enjoy cooking and creating cocktails, so I’ll be helping out in that way. My mom stayed with me in KC last week, so we spent some time together going over the menu and the drink of the day. Yesterday was our weekly Bachelorette watch party, which had been relocated to the lake for the holiday, so we cooked up lots of delicious things for a big crowd while we watched beautiful men cry over Becca K.


Ah, sweet, sweet sleep. It’s my favorite thing to do. I love taking naps at the lake. There is something about that hot, still air and the sound of the water hitting the seawall. I love dozing off while tanning on the dock, or while sitting in the rocking chairs on the deck. And let’s not forget about sleeping in. While my husband enjoys getting up early and going fishing, I prefer to stay in bed until around 8 or 9.  Does this make me a night owl? Absolutely not. I’m an early to bed, late to rise kind of girl.

What are your plans for the holiday week? I’d love to hear about them in the comments! 🙂

xoxo, Meg

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