A Floral Family Keepsake

I’m back! I took a few days off while vacationing over the fourth, and I’ve been super busy even since coming back. Hopefully this week I’ll get back in the swing of things!


A few years ago my mom gave me a plant. As a plant mom, I’m okay. For the most part I have plants that are alive, but most aren’t thriving. Normally when I get a new plant, I know not to get attached, but this one was different. My mom gifted me with a beautiful amaryllis in a pot, and said I had to take good care of it, because this particular plant stems back multiple generations in my family.

Many plants are easy to propagate or split, so you can get multiple plants from just one. I’ve done this with one of my plants which I got from my grandma’s funeral, and now I have two beautiful plants that remind me of her. My mom had an amaryllis that had been split from her great-grandma, and had decided to split it again and give a portion to my brother and me. 

So, keeping this plant alive meant added pressure for me! I’ve had it about two years, and luckily it’s doing great. Every year it blooms and it’s gorgeous. I came home from a weekend trip to Colorado and found it had like seven blooms on it! I was thrilled.

It’s been consistently blooming all summer long, and I’m loving the way it looks on my deck at the new house. The pressure to keep this plant is definitely on, especially since this summer has been super hot. Hopefully I can keep the legacy going!

xoxo, Meg

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