5 Podcasts I’m Loving Right Now

IMG_0004Years ago, I listened to an episode of This American Life that a friend had recommended to me, and after that, I was hooked on podcasts. Now, they have what seems like millions of different podcasts on pretty much every subject you can think of. You love The Bachelor? They have tons of podcasts on that show. True crime is more your thing? Seriously, these are popping up every week. Want to save money? Yep, that too. These are five podcasts that I keep coming back to to tune in every week.

1. What Should I Read Next

I absolutely love this podcast! This is from the blogger, The Modern Mrs. Darcy, and she is a huge book nerd. Every week she hosts a guest on her show, and they’ll talk about all things books and reading. Her guest will share three books they love, and one book they hate, and Anne Bogel will give them three book recommendations. While listening to this show, I have to have my Goodreads app open, because I know I’ll be adding books like crazy. Even if I don’t share an interest in an episode’s books, I still love tuning in and listening to the conversations.

2. My Favorite Murder

This is the podcast that I have leaned into the most. I even bought a super cute keychain with the podcast motto “Stay Sexy. Don’t Get Murdered.” Every week Karen and Georgia share their favorite murder of the week. It could be anything from a murder in the nineteenth century to a famous serial killer. The pair are both comediennes, so the entire podcast is done with a light-handed touch, which has me in stitches every week.

3. Super Soul Conversations

I just found this podcast, but I’m already loving it. It’s based on the Oprah show, Super Soul Sunday (I think? I’ve never seen the show), and in each episode, Oprah sits down and has a conversation with someone new. When I listen to a new podcast, I usually like to start from the beginning, so I did that, but I did jump ahead to listen to Dr. Phil, because, dude, he’s Dr. Phil and everyone should love him as much as I do. Anyway, each conversation is super inspiring and motivational, which is super great when you just need a pick me up.

4. Modern Love

For all the people who love essays or creative nonfiction, then you should be listening to Modern Love. It’s based off of a column in The New York Times, where writers publish essays revolving around love. In this podcast, a different celebrity each week reads a different essay. They’re not all about romantic love, some are about pets, parenting, siblings or friends. A lot of the writing is really well done, and I love listening to these stories come to life.

5. Dear Sugars

Did anyone else love reading advice columns when they were younger? Or when they actually received a newspaper? I loved reading those, and this podcast is an advice column that you listen to. Most of the letter-writers are struggling with deeper issues than a neighbor throwing trash in someone’s backyard, but I love listening to the two hosts, Steve Almond and Cheryl Strayed, discuss the letters and offer advice. They often call in an expert on the subject and the three talk it out. 

xoxo, Meg

4 thoughts on “5 Podcasts I’m Loving Right Now

  1. these all seem so cool! i tend to gravitate towards fictional podcasts tho i DO always try to remind myself to listen to stuff based in the real world too! tbh yess i loved reading advice columns and actually still do, almosy every time we get the weekly magazine.

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