Loving Lately


Hey everyone! How is August treating you? It’s hard to believe that it’s almost halfway through. Right now it’s raining outside and that makes me so freakin’ happy. I’m also drinking coffee with really good creamer (I’ll talk about that in a sec), so let’s jump into what I’ve been loving lately!

I know, I know, it’s not technically autumn, but who cares? I saw pumpkin spice creamer at the store this weekend and picked up a bottle. #noregrets Every morning it’s like drinking a cup of FALL. I can’t be the only one who is excited for fall, so fellow fall lovers, where you at?

For a long time I’ve been wanting to learn to crochet, so recently I picked that hobby up. I tried to teach myself with YouTube videos and books, but I just wan’t getting it. So, I took a class at a local yarn shop, and that helped me out so much! Now, I feel much more confident, but I’m still not 100% comfortable. So, I’m debating on whether I should sign up for another class at the same place, or maybe something at a different store? Or maybe just keep trying on my own? I’m still working on that. I’m getting the stitches down pretty well, but my edges are uneven and look messy. While I decide, I’ll keep practicing!

Since my husband and I have had such an expensive year, we decided to do something we’re calling Cheap August. A lot of people do No-Spend months, but that seemed a little too strict for us, so we just decided to cut back. We’re the type of people who can easily go out for dinner if we’re not feeling like cooking, and we can talk each other into doing that every single time. So, we’re just trying to not go out as much, not spend money on things we don’t need right now (makeup, craft supplies, stationary, books) and so far it’s been going pretty well!

I hosted the finale of The Bachelorette last week, and I made this Tiramisu poke cake for dessert. It was SO GOOD. It was super easy and everyone loved it. Especially my husband who loves tiramisu. I tweaked the frosting a little bit by adding some vanilla and coffee, and used a regular pot of coffee in the filling instead of a can of cold brew. If you need an easy dessert, check this one out!

During the summer, Chloe sheds all the time. So, I’ve been trying to brush her at least twice a week. We’re using the Furminator brush, and this things just takes out chunks of fur. Seriously, it’s amazing. For some reason, my dog thinks it’s funny to walk around when I’m trying to brush her, but if you have a dog that will stand still, this thing will work wonders, I promise.

Currently Reading: America’s First Daughter by Stephanie Dray and Laura Kamoie – This book recently got good. I’m about 200 pages in right now, and I feel like I’m just sinking my teeth into it.

xoxo, Meg

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