I Literally Can’t Wait for Fall


Fall is absolutely my favorite season. I love how the weather cools down to a crisp temperature that chills you without a jacket. I love seeing the leaves change on the trees before my very eyes, and crunching those leaves when they finally drop from their home. I love the colors, the food, the decorations – I’m here for literally all of it.


Don’t get me wrong, the other seasons are great. Like winter, I love winter as well, but there is just something special about fall. It’s like when Tom Hanks said he would send Meg Ryan a bouquet of sharpened pencils in the movie You’ve Got Mail. I’ll take that! That is also my favorite movie, so this is all coming together nicely.

A few weeks ago (okay fine, a month and a half ago) I saw there was a sale on fall candles, and I want a little insane for a while. I bought so many candles that I should feel guilty, but I know they’ll all get burned because I’m obsessed with candles, that I just feel giddy. Then there was this time I was in Joann’s and I saw these super cute knitted pumpkins that I just had to have, so… I bought those. In the middle of July… I’ve also bought fall hand soap and even a flannel shirt I saw at Costco. (Don’t @ me, it was like $17 and super cute!)

I’m so excited when I see this in stores!

You know how there are two people in this world? The ones that gripe and groan when they see fall decor in the stores in the middle of July, and the others that are so excited for what’s coming. Obviously I’m the latter. I do the same for Christmas and even spring and summer. I’m always excited for what’s coming next!

I’m really excited for the food that comes with fall. Soups, stews, casseroles and pumpkin everything. I’m planning on making chili next week, and I probably shouldn’t be this excited. But, I think my favorite food in the fall, is football food. Which is basically anything you eat while drinking a beer and watching football. Wings, pizza, smoked meat, all of it. I wasn’t always a football fan, something inside me changed when I went to college, but now I love it! Being from Nebraska, I have to root for the Huskers – seriously, it’s on my birth certificate that I must be a lifelong fan, no exchanges or returns – and I’m also a KC Chiefs fan.

When my husband and I first started dating, we would meet up at a sports bar on Sunday and hunker down while we watched all the NFL games and drank cheap beer. Those were some of the best times we had together! Our favorite place was just a few steps outside my apartment, so we’d walk over in the crisp fall air and claim our favorite booth.

Does this blog post have a meaning? Nope. Something important to share with the world? Absolutely not. Is it just a rant of a crazy lady hoping to enjoy the last autumn in her twenties? Probably.

The Aforementioned Pumpkins
The Aforementioned Pumpkins

Are you as obsessed with fall as me? Do you hate it when you see pumpkins in stores in July? Either way, I’d love to hear from you below!

xoxo, (1)


4 thoughts on “I Literally Can’t Wait for Fall

  1. Aaaaah fall!!! My absolute favorite, although I love winter, too. Everything about this post is gold!! And the food of fall…definitely my favorite. I can’t waaaait to make soup!

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