How I Meal Plan


I’ve always been a really organized person who likes everything to be planned out and done just so. When I moved into my first apartment by myself, I started writing out weekly menus and corresponding grocery store lists so my meals were planned for the entire week. I really hate going into the grocery store blind, not knowing what I’ll make, or what is in my pantry already. Since moving in with my husband, I’ve stuck with my meal planning strategy, and it works really well!

Each weekend I sit down with my bullet journal and I plan out what we want to eat that week. I’ll make note of any events we have going on that week, and how that will affect our meals. If we have a meeting or event that ends around 7, the temptation to eat out will be really big, so either we’ll plan for that, or if we want to stay at home, I’ll plan for a crockpot meal.

Another thing we have to plan for is our temptation to eat out on Wednesdays. There is something about it being the middle of the week that makes us want to go out. So, we have to either plan something we know we’ll love, or have a crockpot meal. I absolutely love putting things in the crockpot for the ease and convenience, but also it forces us to eat at home since dinner is already done!

Once my meals are planned out, I’ll take a peak in the freezer and pantry to see what we already have. Often times, I keep multiple jars or cans of ingredients on hand, so I have it at a moment’s notice. I’ll figure out what I need to buy at the store, then create the list. I also check my Amazon Alexa’s store list. When I’m in the kitchen and I run out of, or realize I need something, I’ll ask her to add it to my list.

Once I’ve combined the two lists, I’ll check my Ibotta app to see if there are any coupons on items I’ll already be purchasing. I seriously love this app, and it’s already given my over $100 back!

Is my plan flawless? Absolutely not. I know I’ll plan to have salmon on a Wednesday, and then my husband and I will 100% end up going to Old Chicago. But it helps a lot. I like knowing what I’m cooking ahead of time, so I can get a little excited for it. If I’m excited for what I’m cooking and eating, we’re more likely to have it.

How do you plan your meals? Do you have any special tricks? Tell me about it!

xoxo, (1)

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