Viva Las Vegas! Sharing My Vegas Experience

Vegas Lights
View from the top of the Stratosphere.

Today I’m sharing all the highlights from our trip to Vegas that we took last week. It was Hubby’s birthday last week, so we decided to do a little weekend trip to celebrate. He absolutely loves Queen, so when we saw they were playing in Vegas on his birthday, we had to get tickets! I had never been to Las Vegas before, so he was excited to share all of his favorite places with me.

IMG_2169We flew into Vegas a literally six o’clock in the morning. I’ve always heard that Vegas is open 24/7, so I was kind of disappointed right away when everything in the airport and hotel was closed. I was thinking I’d stop and get a cocktail straight away, but with everything shut down, that wasn’t happening. Since we got there so freaking early, our hotel room wasn’t ready, so we had lots of time to kill. We stashed our bags with the bell hop and started walking around the casino. I gambled my first dollar at the Wheel of Fortune slot machine. I lost.


We wanted to celebrate Hubby’s birthday with a nice dinner, so we booked a reservation at the Top of the World in the Stratosphere. It was so cool! We had time before dinner to head to the observation deck and check out all of Vegas from above. Then, the restaurant rotated, so for our entire meal, we saw Vegas from all sides. Seriously, that was one of the coolest things we did this trip.

Hubby and I are on top of the world!

This trip we did so. much. walking. In fact, we walked over 21 miles in just three days. But we got to see lots of the different hotels and lobbies, which was cool. We took a quick lesson on how to play craps, which was really helpful, because I then went to go win like $70 playing at the table. Not too shabby for a first timer!

Like any millennial girl, I’m obsessed with Titanic, so when I saw we had a Titanic exhibit actually in our hotel, I got really excited. This exhibit had tons of artifacts found from the actual shipwreck site and had them preserved. It was so interesting and chilling to see all these personal items and replicas. At the start of the tour we were given a boarding pass with a name of an actual passenger, and luckily, mine survived despite being a man.


The Queen concert was really good. We both agreed that seeing them for the first time in Omaha was a better experience. The crowd was super into it and energetic, and the Vegas show was basically the same as Omaha. In Vegas, the crowd was quiet. Like, really quiet. No cheering or hollering or wooing. And everyone sat down. It was like we were seeing an opera or something. But, that’s on the audience. The show itself was great.

Queen Concert for the Birthday Guy

On our last night we headed to Fremont street, which we kept hearing is a really cool place to go. This place was freaking awesome. I wish we went before our first night because I would have spent every night there. It was surprisingly reasonably priced and it was full of people. The people watching there was top-notch. We headed to a local brewery for a flight of beers, and then got a slice of probably the best pizza I’ve ever had.

Totally made of ice!

Some other things we did were heading to the Ice Bar. That place is super awesome. It’s like 5º or something, and they give you a coat and gloves to wear inside. The entire bar is made of ice: the seats, the tables, even the glasses! We really needed this since it was so hot in Vegas all weekend. Literally this was the first time I was a comfortable temperature the entire trip. We also did the rollercoaster at New York, New York a couple of times. That was super fun, too. 

Although I loved our trip to Vegas, I’m so glad to be home. We were there during some really hot days – it was 109º on Saturday! When we got off the plane in Kansas City, it was 65º and I thank God for that. I’m not built for the heat.

3 thoughts on “Viva Las Vegas! Sharing My Vegas Experience

  1. Thats so weird that everything was closed when you guys landed! But oh my gosh am I ever jealous that you got to see Queen – not only in Vegas but another time too! It is weird to me though that the Vegas crowd was quieter lol Sounded like a really nice trip for his birthday! 🙂

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