The Great American Read


Is anyone else watching The Great American Read on PBS? I’ve been watching every week, mainly because I’m a huge book nerd, but also because it’s so relaxing and fun to listen to people talk about their favorite books, and why certain books have become to beloved.

If you’re not familiar with the show, PBS created a list of America’s top 100 most loved books, and each week they talk about different books with authors, actors and critics. They have books that I’ve read and loved before on there like The Great Gatsby, The Help and Harry Potter, but there are so many books I’ve never read, and some that I’ve never even heard of! Viewers can vote for their favorite book, and at the end of the series, they’ll crown one book America’s Favorite.

It recently made me pick up a classic that it seems everyone else has read but me. I started reading To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, and I swear I’m like the last person on earth to read it. I had a chance to read it in high school for an English project, but I chose In Cold Blood, another book on that list. Yep, I was a Murderino even back in high school!

When I’m watching the show, I sit with my goodreads app open, so I can add any of the books that sound interesting, which I’ll admit is nearly every single book that they talk about! Only ones that haven’t made my list are some really old classic like Moby Dick which just sound daunting and boring to me.

Which book would you vote for as your favorite? Honsetly, I’m between The Great Gatsby or The Help, but who knows, maybe To Kill a Mockingbird will make a late winner!

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