When New Things Are Below Your Expectations


Since moving to Kansas City Hubby and I have been trying tons of new things, and in the back of my mind, I’m always comparing them to their Omaha counterpart … and I’m always let down. Back home we knew exactly what we liked, and where to go to try new things, and the events that were going on. But here, it seems like we’re in the dark. We’ll take recommendations from friends and family, or look at Yelp or Facebook, but it seems like we are continuously being let down.

Last weekend we went to Oktoberfest in Kansas City, and we were super excited for it. It’s a tradition of our to go to the local Oktoberfest every year, and the one in Omaha is super fun. It’s got like four beer trucks, hundreds and hundreds of people and a live polka band that makes it feel authentic.

Well, the one in Kansas City was much different. It was spread out over a larger space, which was nice to not be squeezed in with a billion people, but it seems like there was no one there. They only had a couple beer tents, and you had to buy their steins instead of bringing your own. Instead of a live, fun polka band, they had a DJ blaring out the latest dance hits, but the only people dancing were four really wasted people in their sixties. It was different, which is fine, but we kept comparing it to what we’re used to, which I think made us have even less fun.

There was a bookstore that recently opened up in KC that I was dying to go check out. It was supposed to be a bookstore-bar combo and I have been following them on Instagram since before they even moved into their space. So when we finally went, I was giddy with excitement. Until I walked in, and saw that it was really 90% bar with seriously like 4 shelves of books. How is that a bookstore? I kept roaming around looking for stairs, a hidden room or something. It was so disappointing. Seriously, they didn’t have hardly any books! Guess I’ll stick with Barnes & Noble here until something better opens up.

This seems to keep happening to us. We checked out the steakhouse that everyone says is the best in KC. Nope. Not that great, sorry. We’re continuously searching for an Indian joint that has decent chicken tikka masala, but we keep coming up short. It’s disheartening to keep trying new things in our new city, but we’re always reminded of home and how much we miss it.

From now on we just need to go into things with an open mind, and not compare it to what we had back home, but that’s super hard. It’s hard to separate things in your mind and not compare them to each other. But, it’s not like we’re going to stay in our house for the rest of our lives! So, we’ll continue to explore and hopefully we’ll find our new favorites eventually.

xoxo, (1)

4 thoughts on “When New Things Are Below Your Expectations

    1. Btw O’Malley’s 1842 Irish Pub was a cool place that my husband once took me on a date, and Chez Elle Creperie has an amazing selection of crepes…I hope you find some place you love soon

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