A Perfect Solo Evening


Last night I had the entire evening to myself, and I was so excited! Sometimes I’m not really into spending time alone – I really love having my husband around! – but this time I was ready to do some things that are just for me.

I started my evening by getting a facial done at Massage Envy. Did you know they do facials now? Hubby and I are members, and we have a lot of credits saved up from not going very often this year, so I decided to treat myself. It was really nice! Was it the best facial I’ve even gotten? No, but for the price, it was really nice! The woman who worked on me was super nice, and had lots of suggestions for my skin care regimen! I’m excited to look into her suggested products and see how I can work them into my routine.

After that, I stopped  by Papa Murphy’s (which is my favorite pizza place) and got a pizza that I knew my husband would never eat. That was the Chicken Mediterranean pizza on thin crust. I excitedly drove home with the pizza safely tucked in my passenger seat and thought about what to watch. Hallmark has tons of fall movies playing right now, and I love myself a good romance flick from Hallmark, but I finally settled on an oldie, but a goodie: West Side Story.

I’ve forgotten how much I love this movie! I haven’t seen it in years, but it was perfect. It had romance, music and emotion. I cried so hard at the end, per usual.  Sometimes it feels so good to just have some time to yourself to do whatever you want. I had all my candles lit, had my pick of where to sit on the couch, and I could pile up all the throw pillows behind me without worrying about anyone else. Seriously, everyone should do something like this for themselves every once in a while.

I hope your Friday night was as glorious as mine, friends! See you tomorrow for my next Blogtober post!

xoxo, (1)

2 thoughts on “A Perfect Solo Evening

  1. Solo evenings from time to time I believe are good for us as human beings. I’m a married woman too, so can relate a lot to this. The facial sounds amazing though 😍😍

    I’d love if you could check my new blog post out & leave a comment too 🍂🍁✨🧡


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