My Favorite Fall Nail Polish Colors

Fall Favorites

I love a good dark color on my nails during the fall and winter. I feel like if I had black nails during April, people would look at me weird, but if I do it during October, I fit right in. Not all of my favorite colors are super dark, but they are all perfectly autumnal. I’ve been painting my nails at home for a really long time, although I do enjoy pampering myself with a good manicure, too!

Over the years, I’ve accumulated quite the collection of nail polish, so much so that I have banned myself from buying nail polish for a while. I will say that my all-time favorite nail polish color has been discontinued, and is really hard to find. (RIP, We’ll Always Have Paris). But, these favorites are all runner ups.  My colors are described going from left to right.

OPI: Black Cherry Chutney

This is a dark color that is to die for. It’s a super, super dark purple-red color that is simply gorgeous when the sunlight hits it.

Revlon: Fashionista

Obviously I love dark teals (just look at Amazon … Amazoff) but this one is just a tad darker and bluer in my opinion.

Sinful Colors: Rich in Heart

I love how pretty this brown color is. Now, you probably wouldn’t think that brown nail polish would be pretty, but it’s shimmery and really pretty when painted on.

OPI: From A to Zurich

This pinkish color is kind of an odd ball in my fall favorites, but it’s so pretty! Even though it’s a pink color, it just screams fall to me.

Morgan Taylor: New Year, New Blue

New Year, New Blue is a dark navy that is beautiful on. If you’ve never used Morgan Taylor polishes before, definitely check them out! Their formula is so great, it makes painting your nails really simple.

Nailsinc: Westbourne Park Road

This color is a super great purple-gray that I love to wear in the fall. It’s neutral, and isn’t a bold statement like some of my other favorites.

Essie: Licorice

Just as black as my soul is how I like to describe Licorice. It’s just a basic black, but it goes on beautifully. I love all Essie colors, and this one is seriously one of the best.

OPI: Amazon … Amazoff 

Teals are super great for fall, and I love this color on my toes.

What colors do you love to paint your nails in the fall?

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2 thoughts on “My Favorite Fall Nail Polish Colors

  1. Though I don’t wear it, I love nail polish. I love all the colors! I work too much with my hands to ever keep polish on for more than a day. Haha. I also say, if you like the dark colors in April…wear it! I wouldn’t think you are weird! 🙂 Have a lovely week ahead. Koko

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