My 9 Fall Must-Haves

There are some things that I just have to make sure I have each fall. Here are my fall favorites that I need to make sure fall is the best season of all! What do you need each fall season?

Screen Shot 2018-10-13 at 8.53.39 AM.png

1. Boots

I love when the weather gets cool enough that I can wear some boots. These boots are my absolute favorite, and I actually have them in black as well. They’re comfortable, cute and last forever! I love wearing boots with skirts, dresses, leggings or skinny jeans.

2. Blankets

When I’m on the couch napping, watching football, or reading, I love to be underneath a huge pile of blankets. If the weather is nice, we often have the screen doors or windows open, so cuddling up beneath a bunch of blankets is the perfect way to ward off a chill.

3. Blanket Scarf

I’ve been a fan of blanket scarves for a long time. I actually love to wear them when I travel, because they can be tossed easily in a bag, can be used as a blanket on a plane or in a car, and look super cute! But, I also love to wear them when I’m not traveling. Sometimes I wear them as an actual scarf, other times I use them as a part of my outfit.

4. Vest

A good vest is a great addition to your fall wardrobe. I love wearing them over a flannel shirt or long-sleeved t-shirt. They’re so perfect to keep you warm when it’s not super cold outside. Plus, most of them have pockets, so that’s a win in my book. #pocketsarelife

5. Candles

Have you heard that I love candles? Oh, you haven’t? That’s a shame. Here’s the thing. I love candles. I light them around my home year-round, but in fall, my home is lit up like the fourth of July. I’m serious! Go to Bath & Body Works, or this great small business A to Z Candles and get yourself some candles for fall!

6. Oktoberfest Beer

Although Oktoberfest is over, I still love drinking the beer. Luckily Hubby and I brewed a big batch of Oktoberfest, so we’ll have some to enjoy for the rest of the season!

7. Good Books

In October, I like to read some books that are just slightly spooky, nothing too scary for this Mrs! In fact, I think I might try reading my very first Stephen King novel. I’m scared just thinking about it!

8. Dark Nails

Dark and bold nails are a must for me for fall. I just swapped out my black nails for a deep, ruby red. You can read about my favorite dark polishes here.

9. Football Sundays

Hubby and I love watching football on Sundays. We have two different teams (Chiefs for me, Dolphins for him), so if our teams are playing at the same time, we’ll try and head to a sports bar so we can watch both.

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