My Favorite Sweater

We all have that one piece of clothing that is our absolute favorite. Mine is a sweater I got from Stitch Fix last fall and have worn approx. 372638 times since then. That’s just a rough guess for all you number crunchers out there.

I apologize for the photo, when I replaced my phone last year, I lost all my photos, so I don’t have many with me wearing this sweater. But, here Hubby and I are in front of our sold house in Omaha.

This sweater is so warm and cozy, so it’s perfect for fall and winter days. I also love that I can wear it to work, but it also looks cute with jeans for the weekend. I usually wear it with skinny jeans and tall boots.

It has a cowl neck which keeps me warm, and the sleeves have thumb holes cut out so I can keep my hands warm, too.

Plus, it’s gray, which is one of my favorite colors for clothing. Neutral all the way! So it can go with almost anything.

What’s your favorite clothing item?

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