Loving Lately

I can’t believe that October is halfway over, can you? There are so many things I wanted to do this month, and now it’s looking like some of them won’t get done by my deadline. But, sometimes we just have to let go of our expectations and go with the flow, right? Only problem is going with the flow is hard. For now let’s forget the flow and get into what I’ve been loving lately!

I’m all about that Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin scent from Bath & Body Works. It smells so good and I have to buy some each fall. I usually love putting a travel-sized bottle of lotion in my purse, but the store was sold out when I went! This is one of my favorite fall scents, and I love using the body wash and lotion.

It’s finally vest season! I’m obsessed with my fall vest from Eddie Bauer because it’s warm and most importantly, it has pockets. I can put my phone, keys and whatever else in there and I love it.

There is a new podcast I started listening to and it scares the shit out of me. But, it’s a great Halloween listen. It’s called Spooked and has stories from people retelling haunting, and other scary stories. It’s actually scarier than things I usually listen to, but what the heck. It’s October and I’m getting in the Halloween spirit!

I’m loving more things, but honestly my computer isn’t turning on (shout-out to all the decade-old computers out there!) and I’m writing this on my phone.

So, pray for my laptop, and have a great day, everyone!

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