Road Trip Must Haves

Hubby and I are going on a road trip to Oklahoma City soon, and we are pumped! This will be our first real road trip together. We’ve gone to the lake together before, but this feels different. We’ll be taking Chloe as well, so we need to make sure we have everything we need!

concrete road between trees
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I’m a huge snack person, and I want to get some snacky foods to have in the car so we don’t need to buy something at a gas station. My husband loves these things called Combos, which are like pretzels stuffed with cheese? I dunno, I don’t like them. We’ll also have Skittles, Cheez Its and Slim Jims.


We could listen to music the whole way, but Hubby and I are so into podcasts right now. We don’t listen to too many of the same shows, so we have to always agree on something for our drives. I recently found Deadly Manners, which is like an old-school radio drama, narrated by LeVar Burton. I think this is going to be something both of us will enjoy. And it’s pre-downloaded on my phone, so no data will need to be used!

Crafts + Books

I’ll be driving the first shift since my husband will still be working, but when I’m done, I’m breaking into a book or a craft. I love how easy it is to crochet in the car. I have cross stitched in the car before, but I think it’s difficult to balance my pattern, all my floss, my needle and my work. With crochet, all I need is my hook and yarn! Whenever Hubby needs a music break, I’ll read. I did just get my new issue of Real Simple in the mail, so that will be coming along as well.

Water Bottle

A few years ago I started bringing a water bottle when I travel, and honestly I’ll never go back. I love being able to fill it up at gas stations or airports, and when I’m on my trip, I never need to buy a bottle of water. While traveling, it’s easy to get dehydrated, so this is a must for me. Also, we’ll have Chloe so we need water for her which we pour in her portable water bowl. Here’s a pic of Chloe looking like the majestic animal she is in the car. 



When the scenery gets really boring, which is something we are used to living in the Midwest, Hubby and I like to play a game. We’ll either play the Alphabet Game with the road signs, or 20 Questions. Sometimes we’ll come up with crazy Would You Rather questions, and that’s entertaining, too.


Wish us luck on our trip! If you have any recommendations for Oklahoma City, drop them below!

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One thought on “Road Trip Must Haves

  1. Sounds like it will be a fun trip! I don’t have much advice for Oklahoma City but we took the 20 questions game and turned it into 20 questions about a time in our relationship. It was so much fun to find out what the other person remembered or what meant a lot to them

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