Friday Favorites


I’m a bit behind, but I am so excited that it is Oktoberfest beer season! This is one of my favorite kinds of beer, and I’m so glad it’s back in season. Back in Omaha, Hubby and I would always go to a big Oktoberfest celebration, but we haven’t found one we liked in Kansas City yet. Regardless, we still drink the beer and have our own celebrations.

How cute is this candy corn sweater from ModCloth? I ordered it last month, and it’s finally cool enough to wear it! It’s so soft and comfortable, and I love how slouchy it is.

I saged my house the other day to let out any unwanted, bad intentions and let in the good intentions. After I finished, the whole house felt a little bit lighter. Hubby and I have had bad luck for years, so hopefully this will bring in some good to our lives.

Hubby and I are out of town for the weekend in Oklahoma City, so I apologize for the short post! Have a great weekend, y’all!

xoxo, (1)

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