Book Review: Circe


I started reading Circe by Madeline Miller a couple of weeks ago, and it was a struggle to finish it. It was the 55th book I’ve read this year (out of my goal of 60), and honestly it was probably the most boring book I’ve read this year.

The book is about a god, Circe, who just isn’t like the other gods. She’s not liked by anybody which is so relatable for a lot of us. It’s really sad to see how she is treated by not only the other gods, but her own family as well. Soon she gets exiled to an island by herself for using witchcraft, which she didn’t even know she had. It sounds like an interesting book, but it’s just so slow. The book spans thousands of years, and honestly it felt like it took that long to read it.

This book is not something I’d recommend, unless you like slow dramas that span generations. Honestly I’m surprised that this book was so popular. I remember seeing it all over my social media about a year ago, and people just raving about this book. The ratings on Goodreads were outstanding, and the reviews were very good. It seemed to me like one of those really boring movies that wins an Oscar, but no real people actually liked.

Have you read Circe? I’d love to hear your thoughts below! And if you loved it, no hard feelings. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Book Review: Circe

  1. Glad to know you wouldn’t recommend this book. I won’t put it on my list. I have surpassed my reading goal. Maybe I should increase it next year. This year it was 12.

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