My Nighttime Skincare Routine


I love my ritual for getting ready for bed. It sets me in the mood to sleep and calms down my entire body. Part of that ritual is my skincare routine. Every single night I take the time to care for my skin and make sure it’s prepped for bed. Since I’ve moved into the new house, I’ve been trying really hard to focus more on skincare, because taking care of your skin is so important, and I’ve seen a huge improvement! I don’t break out as much, my skin is moisturized and not as dry, and even my makeup looks better when I put it on!

A Floral Family Keepsake

I’m back! I took a few days off while vacationing over the fourth, and I’ve been super busy even since coming back. Hopefully this week I’ll get back in the swing of things!


A few years ago my mom gave me a plant. As a plant mom, I’m okay. For the most part I have plants that are alive, but most aren’t thriving. Normally when I get a new plant, I know not to get attached, but this one was different. My mom gifted me with a beautiful amaryllis in a pot, and said I had to take good care of it, because this particular plant stems back multiple generations in my family.

Reading, Relaxing, & Resting: My Plans for the 4th of July


Every year my family gathers with some friends at Lake of the Ozarks to celebrate the 4th of July. Usually I like to take a few extra days off around this time, but last year, Chloe had emergency surgery on her leg, so we were unable to go. It was hard video chatting my mom and seeing everyone having a wonderful time while Hubby and I were stuck in Omaha. But this year I’m checking everything off my list.