My Yard is Still Not Done – AKA My Slight Irritation is Growing


So, we’ve been in the house about three weeks now and things have been pretty great. We are absolutely LOVING the house, but one thing we aren’t particularly loving is the state of our yard right now. You see, back in March, (yes, March) we hired someone to install a sprinkler system and a fence for our yard right after we moved in. We were so excited because a) we love having a nice backyard and b) we want Chloe to be able to run around all she wants.

My Favorite Grilled Lemon & Dill Salmon

Amazing grilled salmon with asparagus and risotto
Amazing grilled salmon with asparagus and risotto

We’re finally in our home and we are slowly getting unpacked. We had the movers deliver all of our boxes and furniture, but they wouldn’t take and liquids, so my parents brought down boxes of cooking ingredients. I’ve been in such a cooking mood because this kitchen is worlds better than our old one. It’s bright and open and has an island. I feel giddy every time I look at it. Plus, it’s even more special to us because I picked out everything inside. We’ve only been in the house about two weeks, so we haven’t been cooking too much, but Hubby and I have been trying to cook at home more.