What I Loved in July

Poor Baby Girl
Poor Baby Girl

This month has been super, super busy for me, what about you guys? Hubby and I spent about a week at the lake house over the fourth, and while we’ve actually spent more time in KC this month, it’s been hectic.

I finally got over my fear of hanging stuff on our walls, and we’ve hung quite a bit of our stuff up. It’s so nice! The house is starting to actually look like a home, and I feel more at home seeing familiar photos and artwork hung.

My Yard is Still Not Done – AKA My Slight Irritation is Growing


So, we’ve been in the house about three weeks now and things have been pretty great. We are absolutely LOVING the house, but one thing we aren’t particularly loving is the state of our yard right now. You see, back in March, (yes, March) we hired someone to install a sprinkler system and a fence for our yard right after we moved in. We were so excited because a) we love having a nice backyard and b) we want Chloe to be able to run around all she wants.