Homemade Taco Seasoning for Taco Tuesday


About a year ago, I had tacos on the menu, but when I went to start cooking dinner, I realized I didn’t have any packages of taco seasoning! What was I supposed to do? I was really too lazy to run to the store to get some, and the thought of changing my meal plan wasn’t appealing to me. So, I decided to make my own taco seasoning.

Bachelorette Watch Party


Last night was my second time hosting my family over for our weekly Bachelorette Watch Party. We’re all pretty big fans of the show, so this summer we decided to get together every week at someone’s house to watch. Even the husbands join in on the fun, although they’re usually on their phones rather than invested in the show.

Slow Cooker Ranch Pesto Chicken

By now you should know that I am the queen of easy recipes, right? I love things that can be tossed in a slow cooker, that have few ingredients, or that don’t take a lot of effort. That’s why I absolutely love this recipe for Slow Cooker Ranch Pesto Chicken. I’ve been making it for years, and my husband absolutely loves it!