Viva Las Vegas! Sharing My Vegas Experience

Vegas Lights
View from the top of the Stratosphere.

Today I’m sharing all the highlights from our trip to Vegas that we took last week. It was Hubby’s birthday last week, so we decided to do a little weekend trip to celebrate. He absolutely loves Queen, so when we saw they were playing in Vegas on his birthday, we had to get tickets! I had never been to Las Vegas before, so he was excited to share all of his favorite places with me.

Reading, Relaxing, & Resting: My Plans for the 4th of July


Every year my family gathers with some friends at Lake of the Ozarks to celebrate the 4th of July. Usually I like to take a few extra days off around this time, but last year, Chloe had emergency surgery on her leg, so we were unable to go. It was hard video chatting my mom and seeing everyone having a wonderful time while Hubby and I were stuck in Omaha. But this year I’m checking everything off my list.