Everything’s a Project

Everything’s a Project

Our house in Omaha was old. Like, 60 years old. Something was always breaking, rotting or becoming outdated and after a while it just wan’t fun anymore. When Hubby and I started looking for our new house, we knew we were not about to live that life anymore. So, we settled on a new construction home. Everything’s new! You won’t have to work on anything!

Loving Lately

Crispin Rosé is my new favorite drink for summer
Crispin Rosé is my new favorite drink for summer!

Hey readers! The past couple of weeks we’ve just been settling into the house, and it’s starting to finally feel like home! We still don’t have a sprinkler, fence or sod, but we did get gutters installed this week. So, progress? Chloe has so much energy and just wants to go run around, but luckily she got to play with her cousin, Casey, last night and get some energy out.

I’ve been getting these really terrible headaches in the afternoon, almost like clockwork. Do you guys have bad headaches? Any tips for helping to relieve them? I drink caffeine, take ibuprofen and try to close my eyes for a minute, but nothing is helping, and they last for hours. Let me know if you have any remedies! 🙂 Okay, let’s get into what I’ve been loving lately!

My Yard is Still Not Done – AKA My Slight Irritation is Growing


So, we’ve been in the house about three weeks now and things have been pretty great. We are absolutely LOVING the house, but one thing we aren’t particularly loving is the state of our yard right now. You see, back in March, (yes, March) we hired someone to install a sprinkler system and a fence for our yard right after we moved in. We were so excited because a) we love having a nice backyard and b) we want Chloe to be able to run around all she wants.