When New Things Are Below Your Expectations


Since moving to Kansas City Hubby and I have been trying tons of new things, and in the back of my mind, I’m always comparing them to their Omaha counterpart … and I’m always let down. Back home we knew exactly what we liked, and where to go to try new things, and the events that were going on. But here, it seems like we’re in the dark. We’ll take recommendations from friends and family, or look at Yelp or Facebook, but it seems like we are continuously being let down.

Bachelorette Watch Party


Last night was my second time hosting my family over for our weekly Bachelorette Watch Party. We’re all pretty big fans of the show, so this summer we decided to get together every week at someone’s house to watch. Even the husbands join in on the fun, although they’re usually on their phones rather than invested in the show.