How I Meal Plan


I’ve always been a really organized person who likes everything to be planned out and done just so. When I moved into my first apartment by myself, I started writing out weekly menus and corresponding grocery store lists so my meals were planned for the entire week. I really hate going into the grocery store blind, not knowing what I’ll make, or what is in my pantry already. Since moving in with my husband, I’ve stuck with my meal planning strategy, and it works really well!

House Hunting Made Easy

House Hunting Made Easy
We found the house!

When my husband and I were searching for our new home, I knew it would be difficult to track all of the different houses we saw. I’m a fairly organized person, and there really isn’t a list I don’t like to make, so I created a super easy house hunting worksheet for my husband and I to use. We filled out the sheet with things that were important to us, so we knew what to take note of.