Books on my TBR List Right Now

IMG_2139I just love looking for new books to add to my Goodreads account, and sometimes that is almost more fun than reading the actual books! I get ideas from social media like Pinterest and Instagram, but also from podcasts and family and friends. My list of books on my TBR (To Be Read) List is always growing, and probably unsurmountable, but that doesn’t stop me! Here are just some books I’m really excited to read.

Reading, Relaxing, & Resting: My Plans for the 4th of July


Every year my family gathers with some friends at Lake of the Ozarks to celebrate the 4th of July. Usually I like to take a few extra days off around this time, but last year, Chloe had emergency surgery on her leg, so we were unable to go. It was hard video chatting my mom and seeing everyone having a wonderful time while Hubby and I were stuck in Omaha. But this year I’m checking everything off my list.

I Just Read the Harry Potter Series for the First Time

Warning: This post contains spoilers of the Harry Potter series.

Reading HP as an adult was so much fun!
Reading HP as an adult was so much fun!

I know what you’re thinking, how can a millennial adult have never read Harry Potter before? Well, as a child, I read the first four books as they came out in order, but honestly, the books got way to big for me to lug around in hardback, and honestly, I just kind of forgot about them and never got around to reading the last three. Multiple times I have picked up Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone with the intent of reading the whole series, but I never accomplished that goal.