Things to Know Before Buying a New Construction Home


Earlier this year, Hubby and I relocated to a new state for his new job. Coming from a small, old house, we knew we wanted something larger and newer. We finally settled on a brand new, new construction home and we are so happy with our decision. Buying a new construction home is actually really different from buying an existing home. Here are some tips for anyone buying a new build!

Moving Day is Here!

Today we move into our dream home!
Today we move into our dream home!

Today is the day! We have signed the papers and this gorgeous home is officially ours! It seems like we have been waiting to move into our home forever, but in reality it’s just been a little over two months. There has been so much that we have had to do with buying a new construction home. There have been super fun things like designing literally everything in the house all on my own, and not so fun things like the final walkthrough. Let me tell you about that.