Easy Crockpot Chili


I love making chili in the fall. I especially love it on a weeknight, when it’s done when I get home, or on a Sunday where we can enjoy it after a day of watching football (and hopefully watching the KC Chiefs win!). Chili is super easy to make, reheats really well and is so easy to customize to your own liking. Like honestly, you probably don’t even need a recipe to follow to make your own favorite chili!

Homemade Taco Seasoning for Taco Tuesday


About a year ago, I had tacos on the menu, but when I went to start cooking dinner, I realized I didn’t have any packages of taco seasoning! What was I supposed to do? I was really too lazy to run to the store to get some, and the thought of changing my meal plan wasn’t appealing to me. So, I decided to make my own taco seasoning.