Perfect Summer Cocktail: Lavender Gin & Tonic


Lavender is my favorite. It’s my favorite color and I surprisingly love the flavor in a lot of things as well. A million years ago I made some lavender cupcakes that would knock your socks off! But, my favorite way to enjoy lavender is in my favorite cocktail – a gin and tonic!

What I’ve Been Loving Lately

All We Ever Wanted

Hey, ya’ll! How is everyone’s summer going? It’s super hot here in the midwest, and I am having trouble beating the heat. I don’t do well when I’m hot, and I’ve always said I’d much rather be freezing than hot. But, summer is in full swing and I just need to get used to it, right? Today I’m sharing some of my favorite things that I’ve been loving lately.

Reading, Relaxing, & Resting: My Plans for the 4th of July


Every year my family gathers with some friends at Lake of the Ozarks to celebrate the 4th of July. Usually I like to take a few extra days off around this time, but last year, Chloe had emergency surgery on her leg, so we were unable to go. It was hard video chatting my mom and seeing everyone having a wonderful time while Hubby and I were stuck in Omaha. But this year I’m checking everything off my list.